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We are dedicated to producing products that will not harm the environment and non-intended targets.
Our primary ingredients are derived from plants which include cereal grains and plant extracts in concert with naturally occurring microorganisms. There are no... and never will be... any human or animal sludges or animal body parts in our formulas.

These products have slow-release, non-burning nitrogen sources that provide excellent color and density with lower application rates. Our granular products are not water soluble and will not run off into the storm sewer and connecting waterways causing unwanted algae blooms.

Check out our weed photos and educational materials on our company, products and programs Click here Photos and Product info.
Dry Granular Products
All products are derived from edible ingredients and contain ingredients from agricultural crops/by products and natural minerals.
BioLogical Weed Controls
Non Traditional Biological Weed Controls ALWAYS EPA EXEMPT PRODUCTS! This ensures the best quality products without using questionable chemical alternatives.
BioLogical Pest Controls
We use all-natural means to make your lawn undesirable to pests.
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