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Spring is coming fast! 

Last year we had a very dry fall which is going to cause problems with the lawns this spring.
Many will have brown areas that are not likely to come back.

This is the time to over seed, core aerate and fertilize.  


We have added a new employee this year (Connie Ransom) who has a Masters in Landscape Architecture. 
She also is a Master Gardner and can provide you with a master plan that fits within your budget.  

To see her work at the fair visit the WCCO Booth. I encourage you to come out to the great Minnesota
get together and see this work and make sure to enjoy the fair.  
See the link at WCCO Landscape at the State Fair

For appointments or more information call  651-646-2900

Mowing/Fall Cleanups

We are now scheduling these services.  Call us for a quote and get on the schedule.  651-646-2900


We have reformulated our product last season with great success. The new formula (last fall) 
is controlling weeds better than ever before. In fact, we have been able to kill mature crabgrass
even days before it seeds. No chemical on the market has been able to achieve this level of 
control. See our success at WEEDS 

We have treated over 100 million sq ft of turf last season and had the best customer feedback ever!

Customer Referrals

We are offering coupons prior to the season start. This coupon is quite simple. Simply put your
existing customer number in the designated area of the coupon and hand out to your friends and 
family. Once they redeem the coupon you get a 10.00 credit on your file and they also get 10.00 
off their first service. This is a onetime coupon that applies to new customers only for the ones
you are referring. 

However, you have no limit on the amount of credits that are applied to your account generated 
from these new customer referral coupons.

Please call the office to schedule your treatments or ask questions about anything to do with 
your lawns condition right now. 651-646-2900

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