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Did you ever think that chemicals would become obsolete? No matter what your answer, the time has come for most chemicals to come off the market!

In the US some have already been forced out by the USEPA, while many other cities and parks departments have ban use of chemicals on public properties because the population have refused to be exposed in these areas. The City of Toronto implemented a city wide plan to reduce/remove pesticides from use now the entire country of Canada has implemented the ban nationwide. This all got started because approximately 77 Cities banned pesticides before 2006. This put pressure on the federal government to act and enforce the ban nationwide! For more information click on Canadian Pesticide by laws visit the Sierra Club web site.

Our products and proprietary "Organic Weed Management" program are a realistic and functional option for both the turf care industry and the homeowner to combat weeds without harming themselves/customers/animals or the environment. Our program has proven to be cost effective, easy to apply and provide the necessary results. All this without unnecessary exposures to common Pesticides.

Lawn Care Services

Due to recent "knock off" products and companies claiming to use/market or manufacture our patented and proprietary products, we have a serious need to protect the public. This requires us to authorize and certify each lawn care service that uses our products. If your lawn service company claims to be pesticide free or using products that replace pesticides and you are not sure what they are using Email us and we will find out and get back to you.

To become a dealer in Canada visit this web site. Canadian Headquarters
What do you get as an authorized dealer?

Once you have made the decision to incorporate our products into your client base and signed the authorized dealer agreement, you have access to marketing materials, customer service, support materials, technologies relating to proper organic weed management and preferred product pricing to make your service more competitive with traditional "chemical services" and much more.

We encourage you to grow with us!

Fill out an application today or complete our contact form for additional information.

For commercial pricing and info go to


Did You Know?
Many companies claim to be pesticide free or that they use organic products. Make sure to look at your invoice to see what products are actually being applied.

Itís your right to know!


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